Greetings from Jediael!

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Greetings from Jediael!

Post by Jediael on Sun May 12, 2013 7:29 pm

Greetings! I am Kevin Hunt aka Jediael. I am the web designer for XsV's websiteas well as main administrator for our Forums and Minecraft Server. I do some of the behind the scenes stuff around here.

I am really laid back in my gaming approach and find a pretty good balance between competitiveness and friendly play. I enjoy being challenged and rise to whatever level is expected for the game situation.

I play League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria, and DayZ. I've also played my share of MMORPGs as well, usually taking the healer role. I tend to like supporting/strategical, behind the lines type of roles so you will seldom see me in the more 'glorious' positions. I am a plotter and can be numbers guy and enjoy coming up with the most off the wall strategies that (usually) legitimately work. I get my enjoyment out of surprising people with my mischievous plans.


~Kevin “Jediael” Hunt


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