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It's me! Downedeagle!

Post by DownedEagle on Sun May 12, 2013 7:41 pm

Hey there. My name is Bruce "Downedeagle" Page and I am the owner of XsV Talent Gaming. Through my life, I have been obsessed with gaming and competing and that has directly influenced how I went about creating our gaming center.

When I was very young, I was introduced to video games and the strategy that comes with it. I learned that I was very good at outsmarting my opponents with little effort, and I loved it. As I grew up, I had made quite a name for myself, winning local tournaments whenever I could find them. I would sign up for whatever tournaments there were, whether I knew the game or not. At the age of 15, I was spending more time playing video games than working on schoolwork.
After I graduated high school, I started trying to find out how to spread my love for video games. I had joined a few gaming groups and guilds but I didn't like the way that they were being run so I never stayed for too long. I felt that most guilds were running for the benefit of the guild leader and not for the fun of the game. That wasn't something I agreed with, so I decided that I could do it better. I created the first XsV Talent Gaming squad for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and we didn't do too well. Because of miscommunications between myself and some of the other leaders, we disbanded for a few months and regrouped with a new roster.

After working on personal issues for a few years, I finally got back to gaming, finding a game called League of Legends. I made a ranked team with the XsV Talent Gaming moniker. We worked well, but didn't have the skills necessary to go pro. I found that most of the team did not take gaming as seriously as I did, which led to infrequent practices and many arguments.

I now have a League of Legends team that works very hard for the love of the game, as well as a few other guilds that do the best they can because of the belief that every game is designed to be enjoyed and played to the best of the gamer's ability. Every time that I see the enjoyment on the faces of gamers everywhere, I am reminded why I designed this gaming center. Every gamer should have an area where they can group with other gamers and enjoy themselves in peace. After starting college for business, I found the best possible way to spread my love for gaming as well as meet new people with the same passion as me. I look forward to expanding and sharing my love with as many people as possible.


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